A Bat winning Bird of the Year sums up 2021 perfectly

Long-tailed bat named winner of Bird of the Year 2021

A native bat has been named as New Zealand’s 2021 Bird of the Year.

This year is the first time the long-tailed bat, pekapeka-tou-roa, was included in the contest.

A bat winning bird of the year is diversity at its most inclusive but what are its pronouns?

Apparently the Bat self identifies as a bird so no judgement.

When you think abut it, a Bat winning Bird of the Year sums up 2021 perfectly, in that you were expecting one thing and then received something completely different and if you dared question what you ended up getting you were judged the worst human being!


We thought we were getting the year of the vaccine this year, what we got was fecklessness, 10weeks of home detention and Liz Gunn claiming Jacinda was raping Mother Earth.

2021 is the year none of us got what we wanted, and we dared not question what we got.

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Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2021/11/01/a-bat-winning-bird-of-the-year-sums-up-2021-perfectly/

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