90% vaccination rate – for all the piss & vinegar – well done NZ!

It’s difficult to find much joy to celebrate in a never ending de facto house arrest.

The Woke are screaming that Labour’s policy this is a ‘modern genocide’ against Maori.

The Bishop Brian Tamaki mob scream Jacinda is the antiChrist.

The Crystal Karen’s scream Jacinda is raping Gaia.

The Qanon lunatics scream Jacinda is Adolf Hitler.

The Death Cult Capitalists scream Jacinda isn’t willing enough to kill her own citizens for the economy.

Grumpy farmers scream Jacinda won’t let them steal and pollute water with cow shit and piss like they used to.

Small Business scream they are on the verge of collapse.

The double vaxxed scream why are they still under house arrest for all these antiVaxx nutters.

Despite all the piss and vinegar, NZ hit 90% double vaxxed in Auckland – an act that if we weren’t so busy screaming at each other we could recognize as the height of civil society working together for the common good!

China will try and tell history that unlike the weak democracies of the West, only it succeeded in stamping out Covid with its rigid and cruel use of State force. NZ however will also be able to hold its head up high and claim we also achieved this but through rational discussion and leadership that saw citizens empowered with knowledge so that they bought into it.

There were doubts we would ever get 90%.

We have and it’s thanks to the vast vast majority of citizens worthy of the freedoms of being a citizen.

Well done Aotearoa, there is much further to go no doubt, but getting there in one region shows it can be done everywhere.

Kia kaha!

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