$600 000 wasted to police Cannabis – WHY?

Police budget more than $600,000 to resume cannabis eradication operation

Police have budgeted more than $600,000 for a national cannabis eradication operation – a year after the practice was scrapped.

Stuff revealed last year that top brass at Police National Headquarters had decided to slash the programme, which cost more than $700,000 a year for hundreds of hours of flight time for helicopters and planes.

One of the reasons the operation – which ran for more than 20 years and involved officers taking to the skies each year to find illicit back country plantations – was grounded because of a lack of appetite from the leaders of the 12 police districts.

However, 12 months on, the operation is back up and running, with six police districts taking part.

Why is it that after almost 50% of this country voted for a legal market in cannabis that things have actually gone backwards under Labour?

The bullshit police intimidation is the same and the medicinal cannabis industry is even worse! Labour have capitulated to the pharmaceutical industry interests and have set up the medicinal cannabis market in the exact same way the Supermarket duopoly has been set yup, not for the consumers but for the rich prick interests.

Sure there is pill testing for the children of the middle classes with names like Apple and Bruschetta,  and yay Apple and Bruschetta get to party safely at their expensive Eco summer festivals, but working class stoners keep getting fucked by this Government.

It is outrageous that after nearly 50% of the country called for Cannabis to be legal that the cops and their Government handlers are still persecuting stoners.

This is money that could be spent on actual criminals, like Meth dealers.

Like The Spinoff, this is a disgusting waste of public money!

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