5 things abut the ridiculous mess the Government allowed the RATs to become

Businesses warn of bare shelves after Government seizes Covid tests

The Government is seizing private supplies of rapid antigen tests to beef up its own stocks, according to multiple businesses.

Some are warning this will lead to supply chaos and empty shelves, as businesses will no longer be able to offer tests to staff. Others are now complaining they’re having to explain to staff why tests they’d been promised might not arrive.

1 – Government fucked up RATs & seizing them from private business is embarrassing

2 – Those screaming for RATs ignore they are unreliable and hopelessly false 20% of the time

3 – I’m all for Government seizing private property for the greater good, but this nonsense was avoidable.

4 – Both sides are wrong and I wish a plague on both houses

5 – hilariously one is coming.

Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders are about to get very fucking sick! We need leadership from both National and Labour instead of bullshit politicking!


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