3 Waters Privatisation now real threat under ACT/National Government

This is very, very, very damaging…

New Three Waters bill fails to provide final privatisation safeguard

Government assurances that Three Waters assets would be protected from privatisation by a parliamentary super-majority have been foiled by political wrangling.

…National and ACT have refused to give the legislation a super-majority meaning that they could privatise NZs entire water system with a simple 51% majority.

Take a look at the ACT alternative budget and see how far ACT want to go by amputating 5 Ministry’s, the Human Rights Commission and cutting $7billion from welfare.

Privatising water is well inside the idealogical parameters of an ACT/National Government.

Hilariously the entire co-governance of water was a forced solution after Key privatised 49% of our hydro power assets and forced the issue of ownership to be debated in the first place!

Since the radicalisation of Rogernomics, both Labour and National have suppressed the idealogical extremes of their parties pushing NZ ever closer to the political middle and economic centrism. The financial pressures caused by a unique universal experience like the pandemic alongside intense radicalisation by Facebook hate algorithms has polarised the electorate like never before and the right of National and left of Labour are going to produce a Government very radical and very opposite to the other.

Most elections in NZ have been a brand fight between Coke and Pepsi. The upcoming National/ACT vs Labour/Green/MP Government is actual extreme idealogical difference and that in of itself in a landscape of frenetic aggression will accelerate tensions.

The real economic pressure from inflation has yet to peak.

All the triggers are loaded now, and Privatisation of water is a very heavy finger.


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