3 Reasons why you can’t trust National on Abortion & what they will do if elected

National is so untrustworthy on Abortion, that a former National Minister has warned them…

Former National minister Amy Adams warns caucus over position on abortion

Former National minister Amy Adams has warned her former party’s caucus to acknowledge the strong feeling over abortion rights in New Zealand.

Adams told Morning Report any party who failed to treat reproductive rights as a health issue and stay clear of attempting to reform laws governing abortion rights would find themselves in a “very dangerous position politically”.

…this after God boy Simon Connor claimed he wasn’t gagged over removing his love heart draped post celebrating the State denying women autonomy over their bodies…

…and after God boy 2 Alfred Ngaro criticised Luxon for not going all in on abortion.

Here are the 3 reasons why you can’t trust National on Abortion:

1 – National MPs believe in it:

The vast majority of Left MPs all BELIEVE in climate change, and the vast majority of National MPs BELIEVE in anti-abortion! 60% of their caucus voted AGAINST the abortion laws, and remember, that was a conscience vote! Only 30% of NZers are anti-abortion, that means the very tiny Christian pool National fish their candidates out of is totally at odds with the wider community win this.

2 – Politics stupid:

Here’s what no one seems to appreciate here. Luxon can say what he likes, but the naked politics of this will drive National strategists in the end. There is a solid 15% of the electorate who are God squad and whom will vote on Abortion as the only issue. In a highly polarised electorate, National being able to scoop up all that sub 5% Christian vote that normally gets wasted is going to be far too tempting to National strategists. Remember this?

The reason why Judy suddenly found God and had the media photograph her was because National strategists know there is a large God vote out there that normally votes fringe and gets wasted, the exact same dynamics will be at play now. The Anti-Abortion movement in NZ is ecstatic at this enormous Roe vs Wade win and they intend to push National hard to get some political wins in NZ. Pretending that National won’t look at those anti-abortion votes and flirt with them is just ridiculous.

3 – Christopher Luxon answers to God, not the Press Gallery:

Luxon is an evangelical prosperity Christian who believes he has his 7 properties because he has the blessings of Jesus. If his magical flying invisible wizard friend tells him to save the unborn babies, who do you think Luxon will listen to? His spiritual saviour Christ or the Press Gallery?

So what happens if National get elected with the help of all that Christian vote?

Luxon can hand on heart claim not to have changed the law, just amended it, and here are the National Party dirty tricks they attempted to ue se last time…

Make it harder to get approval for an Abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider religious considerations to abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider conservative Māori views on abortion.

Remove requirement that health practitioners who don’t want to support an abortion must tell the woman the details of another provider who will.

Making it illegal to not hire anti-abortion drs.

Making it illegal to terminate a pregnancy for genetic abnormalities. 

Force women to tell the State how many abortions they have. 

Banning abortion for under 16 year olds.

…note they don’t make abortion illegal, but they certainly make it a hell of a lot more difficult to get!

With ACT in the mix, Seymour could give the Christian Right the ability to protest directly outside Abortion clinics rather than across the road.

National certainly won’t make abortion illegal, but they sure as Christ can make it bloody harder to get!

These Right Wing Christian Judges lied through their teeth…

…why on earth are you going to risk a political unknown evangelical Christian who leads a Party willing to pass this shit as ‘amendments’ and pretend that’s not a risk?

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