2021 was NZ’s hottest year on record – the true problem with ‘Don’t Look Up’

Weather: Niwa confirms 2021 was NZ’s hottest year on record

What was New Zealand’s costliest year for flood damage was also our warmest – sending a grim reminder, if we still needed one, that our planet is heating at an alarming rate.

Niwa today revealed that 2021 was the hottest year in more than a century of records, with a mean land surface temperature of 13.56C – or just shy of 1C above the 1981-2010 average.

That placed it above our previous warmest, 2016, as well as 2018, which began with a record-hot summer, and 1998, the year a severe El Nino fuelled a nightmare drought.

‘A stark reminder’: 2021 the world’s fifth-hottest year on record – EU scientists

Last year was the world’s fifth hottest on record, while levels of planet-warming carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere hit new highs in 2021, EU scientists said.

The EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) said in a report on Monday the past seven years were the world’s warmest “by a clear margin” in records dating back to 1850 and the average global temperature in 2021 was 1.1-1.2C above 1850-1900 levels.

The hottest years on record were 2020 and 2016.

In 1980, the time between billion dollar climate destruction events was 3 months.

It’s now 18 days.

There is a point where the next destructive weather event strikes before you can rebuild from the last one.

The rapid melting of the doomsday glacier in Antarctica is the final evidence that we can’t stop what’s coming and that radical adaptation will be the only option.

Expect to hear a lot more about the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation as its weakening will trigger irreversible environmental collapse.

There is no optimism on the climate front, just consequences now.

Meanwhile we continue to focus on the big issues like cancelling people for tweets sent a decade ago and shadow banning everyone who is friends with Ani O’Brien and Rachel Stewart on Twitter.

You know, the BIG issues.

Watching Climate Strike For Students Auckland cancel itself last year because of ‘white heteronormative cis male privilege’ (I’m not joking) sums up the current climate crisis protest movement perfectly. A middle class asthetic for social justice virtue signals tied into woke dogma that believes all white people are racist, all men are rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a Nazi.

Woke Identity Politics is as alienating as a Spin-off dinner party where everyone is arguing over who hates white men the most.

Woke Identity Politics is perfect for free the nipple rallies with cycling militant Trans ally mommy bloggers, not so good on the economic neoliberal hegemony that is melting the planet.

As we squabble, midnight arrives, and ultimately, that was the true problem with Netflix’s  ‘Don’t Look Up‘.

The pitiful shallow political leadership, the Aspie Billionaire rocket club, the banal celebrity obsessed public, the inarticulate scientific community with zero capacity to convince the apathetic voters – in the end you just started cheering for the fucking asteroid!

And that’s the true problem with ‘Don’t Look Up’, you are so sickened by our collective response that the only justice left is in deserving what comes next.

The petty low hanging fruit of neoliberal identity politics is the only value the progressive left can espouse because individuals no longer see themselves beyond the identity of their social media profile. We have lost collective solidarity via class for skin colour, gender and self selected identity.

And while those identities scream for social hierarchy in a never ending outrage Olympics and victim virtue signaling cacophony fed by Facebook hate algorithms, the corporations pretend they are blameless, Billionaires build bigger rockets and the Planet melts.

It’s hard not to support the asteroid.


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