2021 – The Year a Bat won Bird of the Year & why being Left wing was so hard

When you think about it, a Bat winning Bird of the Year sums up 2021 perfectly, in that you were expecting one thing and then received something completely different and if you dared question what you ended up getting you were judged the worst human being!


We thought we were getting the year of the vaccine this year, what we got were claims of Nazi Germany, demands to open the border followed by demands to then shut the border, 4 months de facto house arrest and Liz Gunn accusing Jacinda of (and I quote) “raping Gaia”!

The Maori Party declared 2 types of genocide and no one pulled them up on such offensive rhetoric because you know, colonialism.

Global Warming continued and no bullshit conference changed that.

Property speculators in NZ got richer.

QAnon antiVaxxer lunatics accused Jacinda of socialism, then communism, then Apartheid and then Nazi Germany. I’m not sure what a Socialist, Communist, Apartheid, Nazi Government would look like or how it could maintain ideological harmony long enough to steal everyone’s liberty, but then again I don’t believe someone calling themselves ‘Q’ is secretly battling a satanic child molesting cabal via cryptic misspelled tweets on Twitter.

Judith scared the bejesus out of anyone to the left of Caligula.

Jacinda couldn’t believe the shit she got for saving everyone’s lives.

Death Cult Capitalists threw tantrums that Jacinda wasn’t prepared to let Kiwis die for the economy.

Property speculators in NZ got richer.

John Key said ‘Smug Hermit Kingdom’ and Mike Hosking orgasmed live on ZB.

We saw the rise of the Megalandlord.

The misogynists hated Jacinda and the woke hated everyone else.

Bishop Brian Tamaki called on everyone to donate to his media grandstanding and everyone hated him.

We had a run on hate in 2021.

Property speculators in NZ got richer.

The Wellington AntiVaxx protest brought together a plethora of suspicious paranoid fringes bound by a common ignorance and blatant disregard for reality. Their protest was the roar of the stunted and intellectually superstitious but what they lacked in basic general knowledge they made up for in malicious threatening hate.

And swastikas!

Sooooooo many swastikas!

The AntiVaxxers in 2021 managed to make the Trans vs Terf schism look polite and well reasoned.

Property speculators in NZ got richer.

We beat Covid and then along came Delta.

We beat Delta and then along came Omicron.

And Property speculators in NZ got richer.

2021 was also a year that being Left wing was hard.

We had a Labour Party with an unprecedented MMP majority that ignored housing, poverty, inequality, prison rehabilitation, housing, meaningful climate change policy, that fucking bike bridge and housing again.

We let them off the hook for failing to address any of those issues because a once in a century pandemic had hit.

But it wasn’t just the Government that disappointed, it was the woke Left activist wing.

We cancelled movies we never saw.

Cancelled billboards we didn’t like.

Cancelled scientists for having debate.

What was done to Rachel Stewart was malicious yet cheered by the snarling woke mob on Twitter.

Dave bloody Dobbyn was cancelled for fucks sake!

They canceled Dave Chappelle for speaking truth to woke power and they cancelled beautiful Michael Leunig for deviating from the conclave.

2021 was a year of cancellation in a media landscape comprising of a cacophony of wounds screaming for social media hierarchy.

Weekly Editorial Meeting at Stuff

Fresh from watching so many of my fellow comrades demand praise for pre-censoring a movie none of them had seen, (like proud bookburners), they have seized upon next years Hate Speech powers with all the zeal of a cult on laundry day.

Their hunger to hand the criminalization of speech over to the State so that they can Woke nark to the cops over their latest social media lynching is gasp inducing.

Drop a drip of power onto your average Middle Class Identity Politics Spinoff/Stuff subscriber and they mutate into a thousand Tiny Hitler’s, a phalanx of Little Sisters whose eyes gleam with the same Dogma Cult of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

What we are seeing is woke cultural fascism.

The glee with which they will purge everything for their grim Identity Politics utopia should cause all Left wing people of conscience to recoil from this virus and turn on it first before we take out National and ACT!

It’s fucking time the adults of the Left stepped the fuck up and sent the children to bed without their vegan supper or cycle powered wifi!

Since when the Christ were we on the Left the ones who censored art and provocative voices? Comrades – we are the Left, we should be championing free speech, not repressing it! We can’t allow brittle millennial trigger culture to hand the State hate speech powers that history tells us will be used against us!

If Government wants to make NZ more ‘socially cohesive’ they should build more houses, use a wider range of taxes against corporations and fully fund mental health, education and public health – they shouldn’t implement blasphemy laws and criminalising misuse of pronouns!

2021 is the year none of us got what we wanted, and we dared not question what we did get.
I predict Hectors Dolphin for Bird of the Year 2022.
Editor of The Daily Blog: Mr Martyn Bradbury

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