2 new polls highlight the problem for National & ACT

Claire Trevett doesn’t get out much so she’s screaming with joy at the latest Taxpayers‘ Union Poll and the internal Talbot Poll that shows Labour at 39% and 41% respectively.

She predicts the end of Jacinda.


As TDB pointed out last week when the Roy Morgan Poll said the same thing…

New Roy Morgan Poll is out and despite 3 months in de facto house arrest, Labour + Greens hold onto the majority…

LABOUR – 39.5%
GREENS – 10.5%

ACT – 16%

…this is a remarkable achievement for Labour & Jacinda’s leadership. The past 3 months have been the worst in terms of conditions for voters and while moving to level 3 has alleviated that, it will also see a surge in hospitalizations but they will be manageable.

If this is the floor of Labour’s support and Jacinda can give the country the Christmas they are begging for, all of the criticisms from the Right and the woke will dissipate and Jacinda will romp home in 2023.

The problem for the Right is that National are not benefiting enough and ACT are cannabilizing that vote.

Those who are angry with Jacinda over Covid on the Left are going to the Greens but the majority of the center is staying.

The danger for ACT & National is that all they’ve had for the past 18months is the hope Covid spreads or that Jacinda  gets stuck in a never ending lockdown, that she is on the verge of breaking through all this means ACT & National’s criticism becomes as vapid as the antiVaxxers.

If Labour’s 90% vaccination rate plan works, the bitterness of being locked down for 4 months will dissipate.


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