11 Tried and Tested Email Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business in 2022

In 1978, Gary Thuerk sent the first bulk and unsolicited emails, marketing a new computer model. Over 40 years later, email marketing has become a common practice, aided by automation. Although many other marketing channels have emerged, email marketing remains an effective and popular way of reaching audiences.

Are you considering dropping email as a marketing channel for newer ones like social media? Do not base on email marketing return on investment; you should look to perfect it. To make this possible, we have compiled a list of possible tactics that you can use to boost your email marketing efforts and get the highest returns.

Using the right tactics for email marketing can make your marketing strategy strong from the start. Email marketing is easy to implement regardless of the size of your business and is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. However, it would be best if you did it right. Below are the 11 tried and tested email marketing tactics to grow your business in 2022.

1. Using Artificial Intelligence

More retailers are using AI in their daily business operations, like creating personalized shopping experiences, visual creation, and customer engagements. You can use AI in your email marketing efforts to go through the data and predict subscriber trends and behaviors. Some artificial intelligence software solutions can even suggest improvements to customer engagements. The technology is there. Why not make good use of it? Make 2022 the year you start working smarter.

2. Embracing UGC

Embracing user-generated content in your digital marketing efforts portrays your brand as trustworthy. It makes the customers trust your business easily because they attest to the interactions other customers have had with your brand. Besides being free, you can integrate UGC into your emails in various ways. Ensure you embrace the use of UGC in 2022.

3. Incorporating Personalization

Over the last few years, email personalization has been a significant email marketing trend. We expect it to continue playing a vital role in 2022. Have you implemented this in your email marketing strategy? If you have not, you might make your customers feel valued less. The clients have grown to expect personalized customer experiences, meaning you cannot ignore them in 2022. Below are some of the ways of incorporating personalization in email marketing:

  • Including the recipient name
  • Recommending a product to a specific segment of your customers
  • Use customer behaviours to trigger emails

4. Know Your Target Audience Better

A lot has been written about the essence of identifying your target audiences. Whether starting expanding your product range or starting a business online from scratch, in most cases, the process begins with determining the target audience. Prioritize knowing your audience in 2022. Do not seek to understand who they are; ensure you know what makes them happy.

5. Ensuring That Your Email Content Is Mobile-Friendly

Today most people use mobile devices to surf the internet. According to Statista, over 55% of all webpage views happen from a mobile device. Ensuring that your email marketing content is available easily on different screen sizes, like smartphones, iPad, and tablets is vital. Ensure you test whether your email content is mobile responsive using the Google Search Console.

6. Sending The Email At The Best Time

With email marketing, timing is of the essence. Optimizing the email’s send time can significantly affect your CTR, revenue per subscriber, and open rates. The best days to send marketing emails as per online Data are Thursdays and Tuesdays. These two offer the highest open and click-through rates.

The other thing that matters besides the day is the time. When the subscribers would take a break is the best time to send the marketing emails. However, you will still need to conduct your tests to determine the time and day best for sending marketing emails to your audience. Your Goal for 2022 is finding a sweet spot, such that your subscribers will open and read your emails.

7. Measuring Your Performance

Ensure you measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns in 2022. It should be a yearly goal. If you do not make time to do the math, you cannot set realistic goals for the year. The information will give you a hint of facing your competitors while also helping you identify the specific areas they need more attention to. Pay attention to email benchmarks like click-through rate, unsubscribed rates, open rate, and click-to-open rate.

8. Cleaning Up Your List

Have you been deleting the inactive subscribers? If not, you have to clean up your list in 2022. The recommended practice is updating the email list twice a year. Not cleaning your subscribers’ list can negatively affect email deliverability. By relying on a list of active subscribers, you will get an accurate picture of the success of your email marketing efforts. The metrics will not be impacted by the subscribers who change their email addresses. Send win-back emails to the inactive subscribers when updating the subscriber list.

9. Staying on Brand

Create a coherent message and look that runs through your website, customer touch points, and email design. The customers are more comfortable when they are aware of what to expect. Being consistent in messaging, colors, and language builds trust and strengthens your brand among your customers. So, in 2022, ensure you stay on brand both in appearance and messaging.

10. Rewarding More

Including free content in email marketing pays. According to a study by Bluewire Media, CTRs were over 3 times higher when the email included free resources like templates. So, instead of using freebies just as lead magnets for growing your subscriber lists, why not use the resources to improve user engagement? Statistics do not lie. Reward more in your email marketing, and your business will grow over three folds in 2022.

11. Increasing Open Rates by Trying Different Tactics

High Open rates are not the only metric for measuring the success of an email marketing campaign. However, if the subscribers are not opening your marketing emails, you are not making any progress. In 2022, try the following to increase the open rates: writing engaging subject lines, avoiding spam filters, and emailing from a person, not a company.

If the subject line in your email is uninteresting and bland, the recipient might never open it. Similarly, most people rarely open the spam folder, meaning if your marketing email ends up there, it will never be opened. A friendly, personable message has higher effectiveness than a generic one; thus, use a person and not the company name when sending the marketing emails.


Despite the advent of more modern ways of marketing like social media and SEO, email marketing remains an effective channel. It can be integrated with modern technologies like artificial intelligence to ensure business growth and targeted marketing. Is your business dormant? Have your email marketing strategies stopped bearing fruits? Use the 11 Tried and Tested Email Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business in 2022.