1 year of NZ Greens lost in woke wonderland

It’s been one year since the Greens capitulated their mana for the vacant baubles of Office in a Government they has no power in and what have they to show for that strategic blunder?

Woke bullshit.

I warned the Greens in 2020 that unless they went in hard and demanded transformative change and threatened a civil war with Labour, they would get sweet FA, and they’ve managed to get even less than that!

Greta is right, the real power is protesting outside the conference, not selling out inside the conference!

The Green strategy team are chequers players trying to play chess.

Marama’s and James negotiating tactic was to get on their knees and beg.

You don’t get nuthin by begging, and they got nuthin..

No policy gains, just a couple of vacant baubles of office.

The Greens repeatedly get screwed over by Labour in a never ending cycle of abuse that started with Helen Clark and you kind of feel like someone should step in and intervene now.

Labour gain the inoculation and political camouflage they want and the Greens get nothin.

Jacinda’s tepid incrementalism will not be challenged by the Greens, it will be supported by them.

As the climate crisis events explode over the next 2 years, as welfare reform goes no where, as housing stagnates, as poverty spreads, the Greens will sit alongside Labour like a parasitic twin unable to think for itself let alone change things.

t is rapidly becoming apparent that Labour and the Greens are not the political vehicle for transformative change. With Labour too focused on preventing Covid from exploding in NZ and the Greens now gagged, no forward thinking vision on how to transform things will be articulated.

It’s a Labour + Green supported Government, that gives them 75 seats in a 120 seat Parliament  and yet they STILL CAN’T be transformative?

All the Greens have gained for their hollow Ministerships is collusion with mediocrity plus some identity politics wins.

The Greens don’t know if they are Arthur or Martha and if they did they would need a 7month hui to discuss pronoun use.

Watching Climate Strike For Students Auckland cancel itself this year because of heteronormative cis male privilege sums up the Greens perfectly. A middle class asthetic for social justice virtue signals tied into woke dogma that believes all white people are racist, all men rapists and anyone supporting free speech is a Nazi.

The Greens are as alienating as a Spin-off dinner party where everyone is arguing over who hates white men the most.

The Greens are perfect for free the nipple rallies with cycling militant Trans ally mommy bloggers, not so good on the economic neoliberal hegemony.

They’ve spent a year harvesting the low hanging fruit of identity politics while doing nothing meaningful on poverty, homelessness or climate change.

Despite my contempt for what the Greens have mutated into I will still probably vote for them in 2023 but will jump the second there is a real alternative.

Their only hope is Chloe.

Chloe is a unique talent. She speaks with the energy of the new voting generation in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the Leadership, she could dominate political debate.

What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?

Chloe as Leader is a 15% Party. Imagine Jacinda as Prime Minister with Chloe as Deputy.

To be politically relevant, the Greens need to be needed by Labour. To do that they need to take Labour voters.

Chloe can do that. Marama and James can’t.


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